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We all at some stage in our lives take a moment or two to ponder how and to whom our assets will be passed when we are gone. Our property is almost always the major asset we have to pass on to loved ones, and it can be a real headache thinking about how to devise this.

Legacy Wills and Probate will help to alleviate this headache, giving you professional and impartial probate advice, and ultimately giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that you know your property will be left to the person or persons you so wish.

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Serving England and Wales. For advice on the care act 2014,
contact Legacy Wills and Probate, call 0333 344 4325

The care act 2014 (applies to England only) is a new law designed to amalgamate all previous laws related to social care. Naturally, this mostly affects those people who use social care services or those who may need to use them in the future (including people who fund their own care). To find out what the care act means to you and your loved ones, call Legacy Wills and Probate today on 0333 344 4325 for free and impartial advice.

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